Thursday, 20 August 2020

Updated Information for our Return to School

Mrs Johnson has been in contact with all parents during this past week to say hello and make sure that everyone is fine.  At the end of next week there will be some information sent to all parents with the arrangements and procedures for our full return to school.  This information will follow many of the processes which were in place prior to the Summer holidays and worked well in keeping our children safe.  Please take the time to read the information and share this information with your child as it will help them when they return.  

Some children may feel anxious about returning to full school when there has been so much in the news about schools etc.  We want them to feel secure and safe about their return to school.

Our Return to School

Our teachers and support staff are busy planning for the full return to school in September.  Lots of preparation is taking place and we are getting the classrooms ready for when our children return on 2nd September.  We hope that the children feel excited about returning to school and want to reassure them that their teachers will help them get back into the school routine again.  So please do not let your children feel worried about returning to their classrooms.  Remind them that it will be great to be back in school with all their friends, learning and having fun.

Mrs Johnson

Happy Holidays!

Hope that all our children are enjoying their Summer break and having lots of fun in the sunshine.  It has been great to hear all the stories about what the children have been getting up to during the past 7 weeks.  Stella Maris has been represented at lots of clubs and sporting activities across the Heatons and Stockport.  Many new skills are being developed and we are looking forward to hearing all about their Summer activities when they return to school at the beginning of September.  Stay safe and continue having fun.   

Mrs Johnson

Monday, 4 May 2020

Remote Learning

During this period of closure children are being home schooled through remote learning.  Class teachers are here to help and will offer guidance and support whenever it is needed.  Work is set for our children on a daily/weekly basis in an age-related way by our class teachers and all children are receiving work which is appropriate to their ability.  Through the use of technology children are able to access work and guidance from their teachers and share work with members of their class.

Friday Assembly

Each Friday morning during this period of closure Mrs Johnson will send an assembly message to our children.  These assembly messages can be viewed on our school Facebook page.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the on-going situation caused by Covid-19 school remains closed.  The school continues to provide care for the children of key workers.  Staff are remotely educating our children while they are at home and can be contacted by parents during the school day from 9 am – 3 pm.
We continue to follow the guidelines which have been issued to schools and will regularly update parents with new information and guidelines when they become available.  We will inform parents immediately when we are given permission to re-open the school and advise of the procedures for re-opening.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020



The Chief Medical Adviser and the Prime Minister have changed the advice about
self-isolation.  In accordance with the new advice, if any member of your household shows a symptom of possible coronavirus (fever and/or persistent dry cough) then you will need to keep your child at home for 14 days, as the whole household needs to be isolated.  If your child presents at school with either of these symptoms, then we will contact you and ask you to take your child home.  Under these circumstances we will send work home so that your child can continue their education while in isolation. For more advice, which is frequently updated, please refer to

By following this advice and guidance it is hoped that it will help to delay the virus.  We continue to follow the guidelines which have been issued to schools concerning the promotion of good hygiene and the regular washing of hands.