Monday, 9 October 2017

Young Pupil Donates Pocket Money to Charity

Five year old Stella Maris pupil, Ayla Jidran, saved her pocket money for a year to donate to children’s charities.

Kind-hearted Ayla, who has just moved into Year 1, wanted to do something to help local children. She decided to save her weekly pocket money for a whole year so she could use the money to help others.

Headteacher Norah Johnson reflects: “When Ayla’s father explained that Ayla had been saving her spends so she could help local children and asked for our assistance in choosing local worthy causes, I expected him to produce a few pounds. In fact, Ayla had saved almost £70 by putting her allowance away each week! It was such a thoughtful thing to do, especially for somebody so young.”

After discussions with Ayla it was decided that the money should be split between local Didsbury based charity Francis House and the local Rotary Club, Stockport Lamplighters who were fundraising for a charity in Offerton that provides care for disabled children.

Nan Ironside from the Rotary Club attended a recent school assembly to receive the donation and to present Ayla with a certificate. Nan explained that the donation would be used to buy some games and toys for the charity.

A spokesperson for Francis House commented “Ayla has shown great kindness in wanting to help children that she has never met and whose lives are affected by serious illness and disability. Francis House Children’s Hospice is a place of fun and friendship and Ayla’s pocket money donation will help towards providing the one to one care that every child experiences when they come here. We’d like to thank Ayla and Stella Maris School for thinking of Francis House and the children and families we support”.

Nan Ironside from Stockport Rotary presents Ayla with a certificate

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