Friday, 28 September 2018

Enjoying Autumn Vegetables!

Our Pre-Prep pupils have been having lots of fun with vegetables this Autumn.

They enjoyed a fascinating show and tell all about a GIANT courgette. They enjoyed hearing from their classmate about how she had planted the courgette as a seed, looked after it and watered it. They then enjoyed yummy courgette cakes.

Class teacher, Mrs Jones, has also been growing courgettes over the Summer. She brought some courgettes into class for the children to practice their hammering skills. They had great fun using small hammers and mallets to knock golf tees into the courgettes. Mrs Jones commented "Hammering the tees into the courgettes was fun but it was also a great exercise to help the children develop their fine motor skills, experience using tools and to encourage them to work in teams."

Autumn vegetables have also been utilised in Pre-Prep's Art lessons where they have been working as a team to create a Harvest time mural. Working with our Art teacher, Mrs Baldwin, the children have used water colours and have been printing with paints and vegetables. We can't wait to see the finished display!


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