Thursday, 13 September 2018

Pre-Prep get busy in the kitchen

As part of their topic on the story The Little Red Hen, Pre-Prep got their hands dirty baking bread, just like in the story!

This week our Pre-Prep class have read the story together, retold the story themselves, made windmills and discussed the morals of the story: Would they help the hen? Would they eat the bread?

To round off the week the children rolled up their sleeves and got to work rolling their dough. They loved measuring and weighing their ingredients, kneading the dough and rolling it out. Our video below shows just how hard they were concentrating!

Pre-Prep Teacher Mrs Jones commented "The Little Red Hen is a brilliant book to focus on at the start of term when we are trying to teach the pupils lots of concepts such as working together, thinking of others and sharing. We have used the story across all aspects of the curriculum and the bread making session helped them see how Maths is important in baking and was a great way to develop their fine motor skills."

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