Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Pizza Making Masterclass!

Pupils in Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a pizza making masterclass at Gusto in Didsbury village.

As part of their project on healthy eating, they worked with the chef and staff at Gusto to look at healthier toppings that could go on pizzas. They talked about how food could be flavoured with herbs  instead of sauces and they took part in a 'guess the herb' quiz; identifying different herbs by sight and smell.

The children also looked at other typical Italian foods and their food labels and packaging.

It was then time to get busy in the kitchen! They chose from fresh fruit and vegetables to top their pizzas as well as some classic favourites such as cheese and pepperoni.

The pizzas were all baked in Gusto's very impressive pizza oven and the boys and girls then got to enjoy them for lunch.

Class teacher Mr Brown commented "It was a great, hands on trip. Lots of the pupils were keen to add pineapple, mushrooms and sweetcorn to their pizzas as a way to their 5-a-day. We are very grateful to Gusto for their hospitality."

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