Friday, 7 December 2018

Pre-Prep Pirates

As part of their topic on under and on the sea Pre-Prep have been learning about sea creatures and pirates. They have worked hard on the topic so as a reward they spent the day being pirates!

They had lots of swashbuckling fun and manage to learn lots along the way.

They kicked off pirate day with a treasure hunt. This provided a great guided reading activity with the entire class working together to follow clues and discover the hidden treasure. Once the treasured had been discovered they then had to use their Maths skills to share the treasure equally.

Next up was making some pirate grog (hot chocolate). Again, this was a great activity for Literacy and Maths as they followed the instructions and weighed the ingredients. They then wrote out their recipes, including exactly how many marshmallows they wanted! With their scientific hats on they were keen to learn what happened to the hot chocolate powder when it was added to warm up - the results were declared delicious!

Pre-Prep Teacher Mrs Jones commented "Our pirate day was a great success - both in terms of fun and excitement for the children and integrating lots of the curriculum in a pirate themed way!"

Pupils enjoyed a treasure hunt

Pupils loved their pirate 'grog'

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