Friday, 8 February 2019

Sharing family heritage through food

Pupils in Pre-Prep have been sharing their family heritage with their classmates by bringing in foods that are favourites within their family.

The multi-cultural class has been on a journey through food - they have tried Cypriot halloumi made by a pupil's grandparent, fruit from Africa, nalesniki pancakes from Poland, they've tried Irish Barmbrack and they have had a go at making Welsh cakes.

On the menu next week are semla buns from Sweden, a traditional Greek lunch, a homemade crumble from the UK and a trip to the Yang Sing in Chinatown to try some authentic Chinese delights!

Class teacher, Mrs Jones, commented "Food is a lovely way for the children to learn more about their heritage. The whole class has been fascinated to learn just how multi-cultural we are and each pupil has enjoyed sharing their food traditions. I have particularly enjoyed finding out more about the children's home lives and their extended families."

Baking Welsh cakes

Trying Irish Barmbrack and Cypriot halloumi

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