Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Come Fly With Me!

Our Pre-Prep pupils have been busy turning our home corner into Manchester Airport! With the holiday season upon us our topic on airports is very timely.

We have been learning about the different roles at the airport, what we need to do to get ready for holidays and all about air travel. We've been wheeling our luggage around, settling our 'children' on the flight and getting ourselves ready for take off!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Pizza Making Masterclass

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a pizza making masterclass at Gusto in Didsbury.

As a reward for their hard work they took some time away from the books to travel to Didsbury for a fun, hands-on pizza making session.

They learnt lots about the art of Italian cooking and had fun choosing their pizza toppings. They declared the end results delicious!

Headteacher Norah Johnson commented "The children enjoy taking learning away from the classroom. They were very interested to learn more about the art of pizza making and Italian cooking and they were delighted to sample their efforts! We are very grateful to Gusto for hosting such a fantastic trip."

Friday, 3 May 2019

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Our Pre-Prep pupils brought the classic children's book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, to life in their assembly!

With lots of actions and props the audience were taken on a journey through a river, the woods, some mud and lots of other places in search of a bear. Pre-Prep confidently recited the story, played instruments and entertained the audience with their actions.

The whole assembly was fantastic and we couldn't edit it so we've uploaded it in its entirety for you to enjoy!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

A visit to The Good Life

During the Summer Term pupils in Year 6 are looking at different professions. They are visiting some workplaces and will also have visits from professionals who will talk to them about their career.

This week they popped around the corner to meet Shelley Brown and her team at the recently opened shop, The Good Life, to find out about running a business and to learn more about The Good Life.

The business focuses on reducing waste. It sells produce without packaging. You can refill your plastic bottles, fill up your tubs and jars with dried goods and even buy lovely fresh, organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables!

The children were particularly impressed by the array of sweets on offer in 'Dolly's Sweet Corner' as well as the healthy lunchbox snacks.

Headteacher Norah Johnson commented "Post entrance exams, we like to organise lots of trips for Year 6 as part of our enrichment programme. This year we are focusing on the world of work by looking at various professions. Our visit to The Good Life was a real eye opener for our pupils. Many of them commented on how different it was from a supermarket and they were impressed with the concept as a simple way to do their bit to help the environment. They appreciated the uniqueness of the business and how that helps to contribute to its success. We are very grateful to Shelley and her team for allowing us to visit - I think many of us will be popping in again soon!".