Friday, 28 June 2019

Fun at Forest School

On a beautiful Summer's day, our Pre-Prep class made the journey, on foot, across Heaton Mersey common to local school Tithe Barn for a session at their Forest School.

The boys and girls had great fun building dens, climbing rope ladders, relaxing in hammocks and climbing trees.

They then all settled down for a campfire and enjoyed toasting their marshmallows!

Pre-Prep teacher, Sarah Jones, commented "The children are growing in confidence with each visit to Forest School. It is remarkable to see the transformation - they are happy to brave climbing trees and rope ladders now and they are encouraging each other to take part in all of the activities. It is lovely to see lots of teamwork to overcome challenges. In fact, the biggest challenge we faced was getting them to go back to school - they were keen to spend the entire day at Forest School!".

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