Friday, 12 July 2019

Year 6 - Teachers in Training

Earlier this year, pupils in Year 6 were tasked with preparing and delivering a lesson for their classmates on a subject of their choice. They enjoyed lesson planning and they wowed their classmates with some fascinating subjects. We've summarised their lessons below.

LS delivered a fascinating lesson on the skills associated with skateboarding. She explained the rules of the sport which she became involved with a number of years ago and the children were excited to look at her personalised board with all the stickers on. They were also able to see the knee and elbow pads and the helmet. It was a very enjoyable lesson with lots of exciting information about how skilled skateboarders are. The children also enjoyed trying all the safety gear and having a go on the skateboard!

WP delivered a great lesson on what being a Scout is all about. He brought in many items of clothing associated with the Scouting Movement and explained in great detail the aims and objectives of the organisation. The children and Mrs Johnson were very impressed with his extensive array of badges, which he has been awarded for different events and training sessions. It was a very informative lesson about an organisation which WP is obviously very passionate about!

JB has a passion for football and he was eager to pass on his skills during the lesson. The children were introduced to the basics of the game and enjoyed looking at the various pieces of kit which JB brought into school to support his lesson. At the end of the session all of the children went outside to practise some skills and have some fun with the "beautiful game".

HB enjoys all aspects of Karate and delivered a very interesting lesson on the basics. The children were able to try some of the equipment and clothing which she used to enhance her lesson and her pupils enjoyed working through some of the basic moves which she taught them.

SCL delivered a great lesson on synchronised swimming and despite not being able to demonstrate her special moves in the water, the children had great fun listening to her stories about how to partake in her chosen sport. She brought lots of equipment into class to support her lesson and the children pretended to be in the water, using her equipment. The Year 6 classroom became our "swimming pool!" 

BO'M delivered an interesting lesson on lacrosse, which started in the classroom with the theory behind the sport. She then took her pupils outside to enjoy a practical session in the sunshine. Everyone had great fun and realised that it is not easy to catch a ball in full flight and send it into the back of the net, using a lacrosse stick!  Well done B, we all loved your lesson!

EB loves horses and she was excited about delivering a lesson on this topic. She passed on some very interesting information about horses and her pupils were very excited when they were trying on the various pieces of equipment which are required for horse riding lessons.  We had lots of photos but alas it was not possible to bring a horse into the classroom as a prop for the lesson so we had to imagine it was there!

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